Monday, June 6, 2011

My dentist stated that I could not start a teeth whitening system before having restorative work completed. Why do I have to wait?

A good dentist or hygienist will advise you to wait until all restorative work has been completed before beginning a whitening program.  It is always possible to whiten teeth before any restorative work is completed, however we strongly recommend against this practice.
The main reason a dentist would not want to start a whitening system before restorative work is completed is because of tooth sensitivity.  The number one side effect of whitening teeth is sensitivity.  This is because the whitening gel is a bleaching agent. If this gel is applied to a tooth with decay (a cavity) it could cause pain. A cavity is basically a hole in the surface of the tooth. The more severe the tooth decay, the more pain the patient could feel.
The second reason is the fit of the whitening trays. The whitening trays are formed from a mold of the patient’s teeth.  These are custom made at the beginning of the whitening program.  When any restorative work is done to a patient’s teeth it changes the shape of the teeth. This can cause custom made trays to not fit the teeth correctly. If the whitening trays do not fit the teeth correctly, the whitening gel does not make contact with the entire surface of the teeth. This could result in uneven whitening.
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Always consult your dentist or hygienist before starting any teeth whitening system.


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